Prospects of halotherapy in sanatorium-and-spa dermatology and cosmetology

The effect of salt chamber treatment on bronchial hyperresponsiveness in asthmatics

Halotherapy Of Respiratory Diseases

A Controlled Trial of Long-Term Inhaled Hypertonic Saline

The effect of halotherapy inchildren. Our experience

Here is more detailed salt therapy research background:

  • The earliest known study about the curative effects of salt cave atmosphere: in 1843 by the Polish physician F. Bochkowsky.
  • The systematic study started in 1968 at Solotvino salt mine, Ukraine.
  • Due to success, in 1976 a whole department of the Solotvino hospital was opened underground, led by prof. M.Torohtin.
  • The first artificial salt therapy room was created in Leningrad (St Petersburg) in 1985, led by prof. P.P.Gorbenko, PhD.
  • In 1990, the method of halotherapy was officially approved by the Ministry of Health of the Soviet Union as „a medicaments-free method of rehabilitation and prophylactics“. It spread in the whole Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
  • Besides USSR and Russia, research has been carried out in Finland by the Lapeenranta University and Kitinkannus rehabilitation centre.
  • In 2011-2013, research was done in cooperation between IIRIS Salt therapy team and Helena pediatric clinic in Croatia. It was at that time the only salt therapy research done on children. The results were very positive and were presented at Balkans’ Paediatric Forum, 2015.