Our experience in halogenerators manufacturing goes back to 2002. With so many years of experience, our equipment is still successfully on the market. The reason is simple – our method is successful, reliable and guarantees the positive effects for its users.

How to become our distributor?

We have distributors all over the world. If you are interested in cooperation with our company, please contact us: kokkonen@salt-cocoon.com or call: +372 55515258

Quality guarantee:

With so many years of experience, we know how to work with salt and how to avoid most serious technical problems. For that reason, our equipment is made of good materials and is simple. IIRIS halogenerators don’t have too many extra features and technical add-ons which can break and cause unnecessary delay to the customer. Our halogenerators are designed to last at least for 10 years with some minor maintenance in between.

IIRIS equipment is CE certified and follows ISO and GMP. 

Service and support:

All our halogenerators have 24 months warranty period.

Our head of the tech team has experience since the beginning of our product development. There are almost no problems that his eyes have not seen or that he has not found a solution to. By using skype video conference and other modern communication methods, the problems will find quick solutions all over the globe. Often times, service is not limited to office hours and is available during weekends as well. If necessary, parts are shipped to the customer.

Why to choose us:

  • More than 10 years of manufacturing experience
  • Experienced tech-team
  • Widest product range and more than 2000 halogenerators sold all over the world
  • Free detailed installation instructions and salt rooms construction advise for buyers and partners
  • Salt room construction training by the experienced builders
  • Research background and experience in medical facilities
  • Service instructions and possibility of online consultations
  • CE certificate
  • Electrical safety tests and certificates
  • 24 months warranty
  • The best price-quality ratio

Where our equipment is most commonly used:

  • SPAs and hotels
  • Beauty salons (cosmetology)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Children facilities
  • Elderly homes
  • Alternative medicine centers
  • Individual salt therapy centers (salt therapy clusters)
  • Private homes
  • Veterinary and equine field (sport horses)