Salt room construction

Salt room construction.

Since 1998, the experienced builders at IIRIS Salt therapy have offered salt room construction service. We can build your salt room from zero or provide building advise. Our builders have trveled all over the globe to offer this service even at the very remote countries. You are welcome to take a look the gallery of salt rooms where IIRIS halogenerators are in use and which are SEE THE GALLERY

Salt rooms – the history in short.

The healing atmosphere of the natural salt caves has been acknowledged for several centuries.
The medieval monks took sick people to the salt caves and let them breathe the air saturated with the salt particles. These salt particles were freshly thrown into the air while the monks were crushing the stalactites.
In 19th century, the salt industrialists in Poland noticed that none of the miners in the salt shafts ever suffered from respiratory diseases, for example pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. In result, the first underground cure-center was established in Poland, Wieliczka, to relieve the aforementioned diseases, especially asthma. In 1843, the Polish physician F. Bochkowsky published a book about the therapeutic effects the salt cave environments have on respiratory diseases.

Salt cave photo

Since the natural salt caves & mines were not conveniently accessible for most of the people, the conditions of the salt caves were artificially recreated by using the scientifically proven methods of halotherapy (Greek: halos – salt; therapy – treatment) = salt therapy. The therapy is carried out in a designated room– the halotherapeutic chamber or the salt room. Halogenerator (also: salt grinder, salt generator) is necessary in order to generate the dry salt aerosol which consists of activated microscopic salt particles. This is done by crushing the salt particles at high speeds and consequently blowing the salt aerosol into the salt room, salt cabin or salt cocoon.

Halotherapy is characterized by no-drug and non-invasive treatment of respiratory diseases and skin diseases. In its effectiveness, it can reduce the intake of medications or enhance their effectiveness as well as providing the preventive measures and rehabilitation.