IIRIS-136 portable salt generator picture

IIRIS-136 Halogenerator

Technical info

– Portable halogenerator
– Provides 3 pre-set regimes of operation
– Provides 3 levels of salt-aerosol concentration (1-16mg/m3)
– Allows manual adjustments depending on client’s wishes (strong and weak concentrations etc)
– Provides the salt particles mostly within the range of 0,3-10microns
– IIRIS-136 halogenerator is installed inside or outside the salt room (maximum 5m2 / 64 sq ft)
– Especially suited for smaller rooms and Salt Cocoons
– The voltage inside the halogenerator is 12V & power not more than 50W
– Measurements: 335 x 235 x 265 mm
– Location of the power adapter: on the side
– 24 months warranty; spare parts, service and support globally


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