Bath for dead sea salt

Salt room construction

Almost everyone of us has heard of the miracle effects of the Dead Sea. Bathing in the water that is enriched with Dead Sea Salts is especially beneficial for people with different skin diseases like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema etc. Studies have shown, that it is also very beneficial for people with different joint problems (arthritis). Many contemporary homes don’t have a bath tube. If such family happened to have a child with psoriasis, the existance of bath would be of much benefit…but to build it might be impossible. We are offering a solution to this problem! Our baths come with 1-10 kg of mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt.

Characteristics of the bath:

  • Fits one adult and/or one child
  • Easily inflatable and emptied with the special pump (included in package)
  • Water can be emptied via the hose
  • The walls of the bath are stable. The bath will not fall over if treated right.