Halogenerator IIRIS-36 for salt rooms


Technical Info

– An automatic salt generator with a modern and comfortable design
– The machine is installed outside the salt room
– The mechanical board consists of 3 easily changeable blocks
– The electronic block contains the microprocessor and memory
– Provides 6 levels of salt therapy (stronger and weaker salt aerosol concentrations)
– The virtual display highlights the aerosol concentration in real time
– Possible voltages are: 12V (DC); 110V (US & Canada) or 220V (Europe, etc.)
– Can control 3 outside circuits (peripheries): such as different lights and ventilators
– Power consumption without any periphery: less than 50W
– The dry salt aerosol is continuously blown into the salt therapy room
– Height 590mm, Width 250m Depth 200mm, Weight 23 kg
– Warranty 24 months