IIRIS Salter

IIRIS SALTER is a new, revolutionary home-use halogenerator !

Salter is a small, lightweight and cordless home use halogenerator. It grants the user with the highest quality salt therapy.

It is just the right device to ease your breathing, open up your sinuses, ease the allergies and make your health stronger.

Salter is the first home-use halogenerator that is controlled with the mobile app IIRIS Smart!

IIRIS Smart gives recommendations about your salt therapy sessions, it gives instructions, security alerts, and other useful guidance such as session status, temperature and humidity levels.

If the user wants, then the device can also be started and stopped from a button.
Salter can easily be used at home while you or your child are enjoying the TV or before you go to sleep.

Easy package enables safe travelling.

Salter offers sessions at 3 intensity levels.

Measurements: weight: 267 grams, diameter: 88 mm; height 205 mm

Warranty: 2 years