IIRIS-138 Halogenerator for home use

IIRIS-138 Halogenerator for home use

IIRIS-138 halogenerator is our newest product. It is a small portable device which fits ideally for home use and for smaller salt cabins. It is grinding dry medical salt in a non-stop principle which means the users are always granted with the fresh and activated dry salt aerosol.

IIRIS-138 has an easy touch screen interface. Also, it is the only device on the market which has integrated humidity & temperature sensors. The sensors help to guarantee the right conditions for effective salt therapy. The user can always check if the temperature and humidity levels correspond to those required for the effective salt therapy. The user will be alarmed when the humidity goes over limit.

It uses less than 5 grams of salt per session. 5-gram salt baggies are packed into the moisture-proofed salt baggies which means the salt is ready for use. No hassle with drying the salt!

IIRIS-138 salt generator can offer 3 different pre-set salt aerosol concentrations levels depending on your wish (stronger and weaker).

Users can be private users, beauty salons, SPA-s, chiropractors, veterinary clinics etc


  • Portable halogenerator with the touch screen interface
  • IIRIS-138 have the integrated humidity and temperature sensors
  • Provides 3  different levels of activated dry salt-aerosol concentrations
  • Non-stop principle of salt aerosol distribution in a chosen time frame
  • Particle size 0,1 – 4 μm which enables the particles to go deep into the respiratory tract or skin
  • IIRIS-138 salt generator can be installed inside the salt cabin, tent or used on a lap; it is portable
  • The voltage inside the generator is 12 V
  • IIRIS-138 consumes less than 5g of salt per session . Salt in 5-gram baggies is humidity-proofed
  • Measurements: 26 x 17.5 x 18 cm; weight 2.5 kg
  • Warranty 24 months


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