Anti virus UVC air sterilizer

Anti-virus UVC lamps

Ideal for killing viruses in between your salt therapy sessions! Use Germicidal UVC lamp for 10 minutes when all customers have left the room and before next ones come in. It is portable.

Germicidal UVC device (or open type quartz lamp, or ultraviolet disinfector – see irradiator) reduces the concentration in the air and on the surfaces of almost all known microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, yeast spores, fungal spores and molds and so on. Can`t be used in the presence of people (see Security measures). The kit includes UVC bulbs, mobile stand (height 1.20 m) for convenient movement of the device and 5-meter wire with safety switch on the plug.

You can also order lamps in the special protective coating – if lamps break, then glass fragments remain in the film (+ 50 €).