Halogeneratoren für den Heimgebrauch

1. IIRIS-137 – halogenerator for home use


– Digital
– Provides different levels of salt-aerosol concentration
– Particle size 0,1 – 4 μm which enables the particles to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract
– This halogenerator can be installed inside the salt cabin or tent (max 2m2); it is portable
– To be used inside the tent or cabin only; ideal for private use and for home use
– The voltage inside the salt generator is 12 V
– Consumes less than 5g of salt per session
– Measurements: 26 x 17.5 x 18 cm; weight 2.5 kg
– Warranty 24 months

2. Salt Therapy Tent

The Salt Therapy Tent offers simple and safe home salt therapy. If it is not possible to use the salt cabin or the salt cocoon or travel long distances to public salt caves, we can add special tent to your purchase of IIRIS-137 halogenerator. The salt therapy tent can create a small and portable salt chamber inside your home. Just use it whenever you feel necessary and fold it or put to corner for the rest of the day. It is the easiest and safest way to take quality salt therapy sessions at home!


3. Salt Cabin


Salt cabin is a small portable salt room which can be shipped anywhere in the world and self-assembled by the client. It has a beautiful and natural wooden interior and exterior, color therapy lamp and a comfortable bench to sit on. Works on the basis of IIRIS-136  or IIRIS-137 halogenerator.