About Us

The inventor of Salt cocoons and IIRIS dry salt aerosol generators, Mr Vladimir Budarin, PhD.

Our company has long history in salt therapy. We built our first salt rooms in 1998 when the salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) started spreading in Estonia. Our health practitioners were aware that such method existed and was well-recognized in Soviet Union. We built many salt rooms and halotherapy quickly started spreading to other countries as well.

In 2002, we started manufacturing our own dry salt aerosol generators under the brand name IIRIS. Since then, we have been manufacturing, developing and selling IIRIS halogenerators all over the world. Today, there are about 2000 dry salt aerosol generators that are working globally. Our company has more than 15 years of experience and we know the value of support, quality and reliability. We offer this to all our customers.

Our main products are dry salt aerosol generators, salt cocoons, salt cabins and salt therapy tents. We are also selling other manufacturers’ salt related products such as salt inhalers, salt pipes, salt air sprays, salt lamps etc. Our aim is that every family will get affordable salt therapy device from our assortment.